kr: working with contributor keys

This subcommand allows maintaining a local keyring of contributor keys.


This functionality is under active development and the set of available features will be expanded in the near future.

Patatt keyrings

B4 uses the patatt patch attestation library for its purposes, and it uses patatt-style keyrings. You can read more information about managing patatt keyrings at the following page:

b4 kr –show-keys

At this stage, b4 has limited support for keyring management, but there are plans to expand this functionality in one of the future versions. At most, you can view what keys were used to sign a set of patches in a thread, e.g.:

$ b4 kr --show-keys <msgid>
Grabbing thread from<msgid>/t.mbox.gz
--- (unknown)
    keytype: ed25519
     pubkey: AbCdzUj91asvincQGOFx6+ZF5AoUuP9GdOtQChs7Mm0=
     krpath: ed25519/
   fullpath: /home/user/.local/share/b4/keyring/ed25519/
For ed25519 keys:
    echo [pubkey] > [fullpath]

At this time, if you want to store this public key in your local keyring, you can run the command suggested above:

echo AbCdzUj91asvincQGOFx6+ZF5AoUuP9GdOtQChs7Mm0= > \

Now if you come across a signed set of patches from alice.developer, you should be able to view the attestation status in the b4 am output.