trailers: retrieving code-review trailers

This commands allows you to easily retrieve code-review trailers sent in reply to your work and apply them to the matching commits. It should locate code-review trailers sent in response to any previously submitted versions of your series, as long as:

  • either the patch-id of the commit still matches what was sent, or

  • the title of the commit is exactly the same

You can always edit the trailers after they are applied by using git rebase -i and choosing reword as rebase action.

Most commonly, you just need to run:

b4 trailers -u

Command flags

-u, --update

Update branch commits with latest received trailers.

-S, --sloppy-trailers

Accept trailers where the email address of the sender differs from the email address found in the trailer itself.

-F MSGID, --trailers-from MSGID

Look for trailer updates in an arbitrary tread found on the public-inbox server. Note, that this is generally only useful in the following two cases:

  • for branches not already managed by b4 prep

  • when a single larger series is broken up into multiple smaller series (or vice-versa)


Only useful with -F. By default, b4 will only look for your own commits as far as 1 month ago. With this flag, you can instruct it to look further back.

--since-commit COMMITISH

Looks at all commits that happened since the specified commit (or tag, or branch HEAD) where you are the committer, and then queries the public-inbox server for matching patch-ids. Pulls in any code-review trailers received for the matching patches.